We are currently building some profile additions including… GALLERIES!  You should now be able to more easily post & share more content about yourselves & stuff you like.  You can currently share videos by simply pasting the link in your post, or create a gallery playlist.  You can also do limited photo albums & docs. We are also thinking of adding easy instant linking to instagram, twitter, & facebook.  Give us some feed back & let us know if you do or do not want any of those- it’ll help us to know what to focus on first… or not at all. Thanks!

Legal disclaimer on tickets & retail… or whatever

We’ve mentioned before but, just fyi.  We sell tickets for other promoters, & merch for various community people.  All sales may not necessarily be Wicked Wonderland Empires.  You’ll know it is if we put our name on it specifically. We are not legally responsible for anything sold or advertised on our site, nor anything that may occur at an event that is not ours.  Love, Ginger The Redd Empress