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    Let’s do this!

    • Sweet! Can you tell us a little bit about your tour? What it is, what it does, why it started.

    • Definitely!

      The Suicide Prevention Commando DJ Tour is a series of DJ dates at Industrial club events around the Seattle area. I had no single venue to host a fundraiser this year like I did the past couple of years. I started raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention originally to help my then-fiance now wife Gennifer raise money for the annual Out Of The Darkness Community Walk that AFSP holds in cities around the country.

      • That’s a pretty great thing to work on. I really appreciate how you’re using music to make a difference. How does the AFSP help people struggling with suicide?

        • What gets me is the articles ranting about how Goth teens kill themselves left and right that imply it is the lifestyle or fashion or music that promotes it. The fact is we are the people who say to already depressed teens “it is ok, we pretty much all have been there and it isn’t wrong to feel dark and sad but know that we are here. If you want to dress in black and express that part of yourself we understand but we can also accept you as you are and show you how to enjoy the darker side of life.”

          • We are not the cause, our music, fashion and macabre style is not driving teens to suicide, teens already lost find us, we are the ones who say “we understand”
            I think suicide prevention amongst the goth community is very important because sometimes “I understand” just isn’t enough

          • And one problem affecting teens and mental health is the stigma around it. These teens use the music and fashion as a form of expression and it’s easier for the average person to demonize the exterior rather than peel that layer back and explore the root causes. Once more parents, educators, counselors, and other administrators know how to properly help affected teens the more success we’ll have.

            • It really does affect people of all ages & all walks of life. For us, I think being able to have an outlet, & be open is actually a huge benefit but, it’s true, many people in the medical profession sometimes take one look at you, & make assumptions that really are counterproductive. Mostly, I’ve been a pretty perky goth but, during a rough period in my life, I was very lucky to be able to get the right help from people that knew a lot about post punk music culture, & didn’t treat me that way.

        • The AFSP has chapters in all 50 states. Taken from their site, AFSP engages in funding scientific research, offering educational programs for professionals, educating the public about mood disorders and suicide prevention, promoting policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention, and providing programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involve them in the work of the Foundation. Their goal is to reduce the national rate by 20% by 2025.

          • That’s really great! There are so many reasons why people go through a period of time where they need help, it can be mental illness, abuse, anot incident, medications even, & a lot more. For me, I went through a short period where after years of abuse, a tbi, & utter exhaustion, I really struggled to keep going. Counseling, & self care were vital to my recovery. If I didn’t have good friends, good counseling, & a reason to keep fighting, I may not be here today. It often takes a combination of things to create the problem, & fix it. That’s why training is so important.

            • Training and engagement are two of the methods the Foundation uses in their efforts. You can throw money at something all you want but without the people power behind a cause you’re not going to be able to accomplish your goal.

          • Our level of acceptance is one reason we have many Transgendered people, many people of a wide variety of ages and interests. It’s sad when I see goth communities getting very insular and not willing to deal with anyone different than classic goths.
            The more people know about the fact that as Goths we can help each other including teens the better things will be

            • It is more important than ever to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQIA+ community. That’s why I respect the work of organizations such as Gothic Pride Seattle. Other marginalized communities need to do the same, and we need to reach out to those said communities as well. Sometimes, it can be tough to engage others in a time when many at first don’t ask for or even want help. However it’s important to show them the help is there when the time comes, from your close friends to family and at last resort the National Crisis Helpline.

            • You’re very right. That’s one thing we try to do with Wicked Wonderland, is to be sure we are embracing a wide range of dark music, & a variety of people.

            • It’s work you do very well!

    • Thanks! One thing I’m going to do with this group in particular is leave it as a free space where people can talk about stuff like suicidal thouggts, depression, family members that are or have been suicidal, or even just stuff they can’t talk to anyone about where their coworkers/family aren’t looking, there’s no trolling, & they can even do it somewhat anonymously with an alternate profile if they want. I’ll also be adding in links for donating, or getting help, & Daemon Chadeaus article from the wwe zine.

      • That sounds like an amazing idea!

      • Funny thing is in my 20s when I was so depressed I could barely function I listened to old blues music (it helped) and friends would ask why I “wasn’t listening to that depressing goth music you like?”
        Because I have never found it to be depressing.
        The strange thing is the more I accepted that dark weird side of me the more I felt comfortable and safe.
        Day to day life as a “mundane” terrorizes me, having to fit a prefect mold would be so hard, self expression keeps me going