• LadyBlade posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Rediscovering my penchant for the technicolor rainbow of fuckery that is my makeup case. Now, to wait until I can actually do my face AND go out for an evening looking FABULOUS. Instead of going to bed. LOL

    • What fun! I feel like a whole different person when I have all of my make up done. Hope to see you & your new looks soon!

      • Gotta find a sitter that will take my kids more than once, without trying to triple their rate, or outright refusing. :/ One who could preferably come to the house and stay here, since they’d have to be in bed. LOL

        • I know that struggle. I just found a place called tiny toy hotel that takes kids anytime, including overnights & they are pretty cheap. Still at home would be nicer.